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Well I hope you enjoyed the first part of the numerology blog. This second part will discuss the ‘Personal Year’ numbers.

The personal year number is something that changes every year on your birthday. The occasional book/website suggest it occurs on January 1st every year, but I have issues with that for one significant reason. Having every single persons personal year number change on January 1 makes for an archetype system that becomes too generic. In addition, it doesn’t make sense to do it anyway because we don’t all have birthdays on January 1. So for me (and plenty of other numerologists), I consider that our personal year numbers (seeing as they are personal after all) change on every birthday.

The personal year number is a number to consider alongside your ruling/life path number. Your ruling number is the one that governs your entire life, but the personal year number changes from year to year; meaning that the different energies of each personal year number will come and go on every birthday that you have.

The personal year numbers give you an insight into how universal energy is operating in your world. Each year you will have different energies that will direct your flow; if you are in tune with your body energies then you will likely be in tune with the universal energy being provided to you too.

“We have all found that some years of our lives stand out for their exemplary progress, others for their time-consuming frustrations…

These cycles allow an important balancing in overall growth. There are, in fact, cycles of change in the life of every person which can be readily analysed, recognised and applied to each year through which we pass while on earth…

Once we arrive at this point of recognising our cycles of change we shall become aware of their purpose and act more wisely in cooperating with them…

More progress is always achieved by swimming with the current than by fighting against it” (Phillips 1980, pp. 97-98).

As you can see, having an understanding of our personal year numbers is an integral part of understanding the energetics of the world around us, thereby assisting us with getting more in tune with universal energy.

Personal Year Numbers:

How to work it out?

The ‘Personal Year’ number is worked out in a similar manner to the ‘Ruling’ number. The only difference is you use your last birthday as the basis for working out what personal year number you are presently in. The day I wrote this blog is the 28th November 2023, so if you haven’t had your birthday yet this year then you take your birthday from 2022; if you have had your birthday in 2023 then use your 2023 birthdate.

Let’s use my birthday from 2023 as the example for one and a birthday from 2022 for example number two.

Example 1 – my last birthday was 10. 10. 2023. Adding up those numbers looks like this:

1 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 9. So my personal year number is a ‘9’ from my birthday on the 10th October 2023 until my birthday on the 10th October 2024.

Example 2 – birthday 17.12.2022.

1 + 7 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8.

In this example, the person has a personal year ‘8’ from their birthday on the 17th December 2022 until their birthday on the 17th December 2023.

It is really quite hard to start anywhere in particular on the personal years, as each year has a link with the previous year (or years) and then with the following year (or years). For no other reason than the fact that it is a ‘1’, we will start with the personal year 1. But please consider the personal years either side when you read about the 1.

What do each of the personal years indicate for you?

Year 1

  • Is the third of the three ‘Power Years’ therefore everything mentioned in the 8 and 9 below apply to the 1 as well (the 8, 9 and 1 are the three power years).
  • Is also the first of the three years of the ‘Physical, Mental and Spiritual’; meaning we improve ourselves along these three planes, particularly physical activity!
  • Most powerful year for adjustment – break old habits (should also be done in a 9 year).
  • Powerful year for improving ourselves financially.
  • This is a year of exciting long-term progress – living a purposeful life.
  • As we shifted from a 9 into a 1, we started a new cycle. This change resulted in us shedding our old skin (our skin is in two parts though – the external skin that people see, and the internal skin which is how we see ourselves). The 1 year is about learning to live in this new external skin; learning to love the new you by going ‘outside’ yourself – be extroverted! Viewing how the outside world is viewing the ‘new you’. This strengthens our new external skin. Our internal skin gets a thorough analysis in a 2 year.
  • My last 1 personal year was an incredible challenge. Most days I hit the ground running and was strong and extroverted and threw myself out into the world. These days can be good and they can be bad and this has a lot to do with the fact that I had changed. Any of you that have an element of intuition will pick up on this. They will say to themselves that David had changed; he is different; he sounds different; he even looks different. Some of you will like it and some of you won’t. And all your verbal and non-verbal reactions to me having changed will hit my new skin. And guess what? My new skin is fragile; it doesn’t quite fit me yet; it has thick parts and thin/ sensitive parts. And if you hit me in the fragile skin, I will feel it more than in any other year. You don’t even need to say it out loud – universal energy is perfectly capable of passing on your positive/negative thoughts and slamming that into my external skin!!
  • You know what a 1 year feels like? I felt like I was a hormonal teenager again! I was emotionally up and down faster than a yo-yo on cocaine! What then, you might ask, can I do about it? Absolutely bloody nothing! And that’s okay because I embrace everything that a 1 year provides; all the highs and lows that my external skin is affected by will strengthen my new skin and prepare me for the internal onslaught I am going to give myself in a 2 year. Wow, that sounded negative!! It’s not supposed to. Each year gives us challenges and rewards, and even the challenges are rewarding.
  • So I imagine your brain might be thinking that some people might find it all too hard in a 1 year, and you would be correct. It poses the question – how many people commit suicide, overdose on drugs, or die of terminal diseases in a 9, 1 or 2 year, compared to all the other years combined? This question will be briefly analysed further when we discuss the ’27 Club’ in my fourth post, but I will give two examples below in the ‘BREAK IT’ section.
  • As a general rule, a 1 year is all about how we make ourselves bigger, better, faster, stronger out in the world. This is not a year for going inside yourself, as the motivating force of a 1 is about how we change the world to fit our purposes.


  • Everybody born on this earth between 1000-1999CE had a minimum of one ‘1’ in their birth-chart. This is the only number that everybody born were guaranteed to have in this 1000 year period. What this meant is that everybody in this period were inherently geared towards making themselves bigger, better, faster, stronger out in the world.
  • We changed the world to fit our purposes. We just need to think about what we have achieved in the past 1000 years. I only need to mention the Industrial Revolution as one perfect example of what I am talking about.
  • A 1 in our birth-chart drives us to change the external world to make us feel good in our internal world.
  • Please compare and contrast this with the note under the number ‘2’ below.

Year 2

  • Spiritual development continues but occurs internally.
  • Meditation and personal evaluation are important this year – learning to love the new you by going inside yourself.
  • Last year we took our ‘new you’ outside into the world and were paying attention to how the world reacted (both positively and negatively). This year we spend the year reflecting on this and filtering it through a more introverted capacity.
  • As a general rule, a 2 year is all about how we make ourselves bigger, better, faster, stronger in ourselves. We could give ‘two-shits’ (pardon the pun!) how the world views us now. We got that last year; this year is how we take that information and filter it internally. This fills-out our new skin by strengthening our internal skin.
  • Last year was showing our new skin to the world; this year is showing the new skin to ourselves. Both years have the capacity to be very confronting and difficult to manage.
  • If we look at how human nature can act in the negative to prove the point – in a 1 year the whole human race can rip into you and damage your new fragile skin; and in a 2 year you do it to yourself.
  • There is nowhere to hide in a 1 and 2 year. But this is what defines us. Life wasn’t meant to be easy and you will learn the cold hard facts of that in these two years, and it will make us or break us, especially if you are a 1 or 2 ruling number as well (discussed shortly).
  • If all goes well this ‘two year trip – 1 and 2’ will considerably improve our confidence through a higher understanding of life.


  • See previous note under the number ‘1’ as well for a comparison.
  • Everybody born on this earth between 2000-2999CE have a minimum of one ‘2’ in their birth-chart. This is the only number that everybody born are guaranteed to have in this 1000 year period. What this means is that everybody in this period are inherently geared towards making themselves bigger, better, faster, stronger inside themselves (their internal world).
  • Interestingly, there is a link between these new souls and the terms ‘Indigo Children’, ‘Crystal Children’ or ‘Star Children’.
  • Essentially what is going to happen is that these new ‘2’ souls will change the world. They will do this because the world doesn’t fit what they believe the world should look like. Now I know that some of you will be contemplating what I just said, so let’s just consider a couple of ideas here before we move on.
  • Schooling – this will all change and that is just as well because there are a lot of kids being diagnosed as ADHD and Autistic and Asperger’s coming through. These children just won’t be able to tolerate the current state of our learning system so they will change it for the better.
  • Mining – obviously our planet wont cope with another 1000 years of digging stuff out of it. New ways of doing things will emerge that will leave the planet alone and allow it a chance to regenerate and rejuvenate.
  • One final comment is required here. A lot of people born at the back end of the 1900’s (possibly from the 1970’s onwards, but definitely from the 1980’s and 1990’s) will have a greater pull towards the energy of a ‘2’ than the ‘1’ they have in their birth-chart. This has to do with an absorptive phase where people born either side of 2000 will have either a 1 or a 2 that drives them; some will even have an understanding of both the 1 and 2. This is important to recognise moving forward as these people can aid the new 2 generation coming through, or will fight the new 2 generation coming through. Inevitably though the 2 will win.

Year 3

  • Mental activities reach a high point (1 was physical, 2 was spiritual, 3 is mental, but all three years you have the capacity to engage in any of the three activities).
  • Therefore you will be very alert mentally.
  • Consider studying anything of interest, be it philosophical development, academic interests, get involved physically and mentally in a new sporting club, or take a few holidays to new places.
  • Don’t expect any major changes this year. Unlike the previous two years where there was a huge amount of turmoil and upheaval, a 3 year is very moderate, which is a pleasant change.
  • If you feel that your 3 year is anything but stable and balanced, take a good look at your day to day activities and lifestyle choices. The instability is coming from a lack of balance or even flow; for example, if you’re full-time job is very serious, then balance that out with funny friends and movies as often as possible.

Year 4

  • A year of consolidation.
  • Take what has occurred in the previous three years of physical (1), spiritual (2), and mental (3) development and allow this year to be the one that allows these three parts to make the whole.
  • A lot can be achieved this year but only in what is our normal routine, because a 4 is still a very practical year where you can get ‘down-and-dirty’ but under no circumstances do you stray from what you have learnt in the previous three years.
  • Also if you work hard then rest hard too; a balance is still necessary in this year.
  • A 4 year is about taking the ‘new you’ and consolidating it into our life/our world.
  • Under no circumstances should you attempt new ventures or attempt to ‘break-out’ of your skin, because Universal energy won’t be on your side and you will therefore be ‘pushing shit uphill’.
  • A 4 year has us once again out in the ‘world of noise and bluster’.

Year 5

  • Is the ‘year of the outback’!
  • Hug trees and immerse yourself in the earth, because last year you were in the noise and bluster.
  • This year is a year of quiet which allows our natural and inherent psychic abilities to come to the fore. If you stay in the noise and bluster this will drown out our psychic powers.
  • This should not be confused with escapism, because our life is still our life, and we still need to live it. Just always allow yourself time to meditate, relax, calm our spirits, give our nerves a break.
  • This is a great year for artistic expression; start to learn a new freedom of expression such as painting, poetry, singing, or learn a musical instrument.

Year 6

  • ‘Dream your biggest dream’ year and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Dream your grandest dreams even if they might seem silly or stupid.
  • Don’t limit yourself with your dreams as they don’t hurt anyone or anything. I refer to these dreams as hundreds of single jigsaw puzzle pieces that are just floating out there in space. None of them are connected yet – they are just floating there singular – hundreds, even thousands of them.
  • Don’t let your rational brain get in the way or this will be a very difficult year.
  • This is the ‘Year of the Hun/Ethereal Soul/Heavenly Soul’ and let it run free.
  • But remember that the anchor for the Hun is the Po/Corporeal Soul/Grounded Soul, and you still need to stay on the Earth and live your life. But this doesn’t mean putting your dreams into reality because that is next year. Simply continue to live your life as it is!
  • So this year is a balance between the Hun’s ‘dream big’ and your Po’s ‘do/be big’. If you are pulled too far in either direction, this creates an imbalance and this will lead to a very difficult year.
  • Hopefully for those of you that are not into Chinese medicine, those last few points still make sense? What I am effectively saying is that in a 6 year you spend the entire year dreaming up new and exciting things that you want from life. This is done during your leisure time, as you still need to be living your life, which requires you to often be grounded and practical. Meaning we need the balance between the dreaming and the doing.

Year 7

  • This is the year where you start to filter your dreams through your rational brain to decide what to keep and what to dump. It’s essentially like finishing off a jigsaw puzzle. Last year was creating hundreds/thousands of singular jigsaw puzzle pieces (dreams), and this year is about constructing the jigsaws. The jigsaws/dreams that seem realistic and achievable will be completed, and the others will be dumped in the garbage.
  • This is not a year to take your completed jigsaw puzzles out into the world; it is purely a year to decide which jigsaws/dreams to keep and which ones to dump.
  • This is still a Hun and Po year (like the 6 year) and both need to get fair expression.
  • Don’t over-reach this year; don’t push; don’t strive as this is the wrong year for that and Universal energy won’t be in your favour.
  • Have faith and trust that all is as it’s meant to be and if you are focusing on completing your jigsaw puzzles in time for your birthday then this is exactly where you are meant to be at this moment in time.
  • Part of this year requires you taking these dreams and seeing if they can become reality by exploring them further. This is what I mean by building your jigsaw puzzle. For example, you dream about being an acupuncturist in your 6 year; in this 7 year you call up Chinese medicine colleges and make appointments to speak to someone about what’s involved. Then you filter that through your brain and decide if you will keep or dump. Repeat for all subsequent dreams!

Year 8

  • Is the first of three continuous ‘Power Years’!
  • This is the year where you take your dreams (completed jigsaw puzzles) and make them a reality.
  • You basically have three years of Universal energy to aid you in your power; there shouldn’t be much fatigue because you have all the power/energy you need.
  • If you do feel exhausted all the time during this year (or the 9 or 1 years for that matter), then a serious overhaul of your life is in order, because you clearly didn’t do it in the 6 and 7 years. Also get whatever treatment you feel you need to get your body back into balance with the Universe.
  • Pretty much everything you have ever wanted can be realised in these three years (8, 9, and 1). Go out there and make it happen!!
  • For the people that are unaware of this new energy, they might feel that they have hit a lucky streak where surprising new opportunities arise from absolutely nowhere. For those that are aware, they won’t view it that way; it is simply the previous years of 6 and 7 coming to fruition. Give yourself a pat on the back because you created this!!
  • Don’t fight the power; embrace it and all that it will bring!!!
  • This may come across to others as you being a rather self-centred, selfish, or independent individual this year, and that’s because you are. Again, don’t fear this change, rather embrace this change, because the only people that will understand what phase you are in are other people in an 8, 9, or 1 year, or those that know numerology. Feel free to discuss this new phase with friends and family if you feel you need to so they understand this change.

Year 9

  • Is the second of the three ‘Power Years’!
  • Is exactly the same dynamic as in the previous 8 year, and will be the same again next year in the 1 year.
  • The biggest thing to work on this year is to make changes. One of the biggest changes that should be made is to close off on anything that is no longer self-serving. This will then provide space for new and exciting things to take its place.
  • Does that previous statement make sense? Let’s use an example to make it easy to understand. I go to a restaurant with a huge buffet and I can fill my plate only once for $10. I find all these amazing foods, and before I know it, my plate is full, but I haven’t reached the end of the buffet yet. I can see other foods that I want and when I look at my plate I see foods that I actually don’t really want any more because I see other foods I would prefer. I have a choice here and I could either: dump the food on my plate that I no longer want (when nobody is looking of course) in favour of the other food still on the buffet; OR, I could take my plate back to the table and accept that I couldn’t have the food further along. But do you see that you can’t have both? Unless you pay another $10 for a second plate (but we won’t be using that in this example – and don’t be a guts … haha!). This example can be inserted into our day to day lives as well. So if you have a job you hate and want a new job then dump the crap job in the 9 year and you will be rewarded with a different job because you created space for the new job by dumping the old job. That’s the theory anyway!
  • Interestingly, you will be compelled to make change anyway if you feel connected to Universal energy.
  • Forgive and let go; square off old debts; terminate old friendships that have been outgrown; embrace the letting go!
  • By letting go we create space for something new and magical to enter our lives; in addition, it sheds our old skin, just in time for a brand new cycle, which begins at a 1 year.
  • If you stubbornly refuse to change you will take your old skin into the next 9 year cycle, but guess what? It doesn’t fit you anymore and is extremely uncomfortable and itchy and too tight in some places and too loose in others. This will do you no favours for your next cycle. In good news it’s not too late as you can shed your old skin in a 1 year too.

Doubled-Up/Colliding Numbers

So what does it mean when your ruling/life path number doubles-up, or collides, with your personal year number?

Just before we discuss this I just need to make sure you understand what I am saying here. I will use me as the example. So I am a 4 ruling number and when I hit a 4 personal year I will have a double-up of 4’s. And when this happens it’s significant. It will happen once every 9 year cycle. It doesn’t matter what ruling number you are. So using another example quickly to make sure you get it. If you are a 1 ruling number, then when you hit a 1 personal year you have a double-up of 1’s.

So what does it mean? Well it’s pretty much one of two things, you will either make it or you will break it. Let’s look at each option more closely:

Make It

As you would expect when you have a double-up of your ruling number and personal year number, you have/wear a super-hero cape for a year. Mine will have a big ‘4’ on the back of it! Yours will most likely have a different number. Regardless, this is a year to achieve BIG in your ruling numbers strengths. And if you happen to be a master ruling number (remember from the last post – these are 11/2, 22/4, 33/6? 44/8?) then it’s even more significant. So for me, I am a 22/4 ruling number, and as mentioned just above, when I hit my 4 personal year number I will don my ‘4’ superhero cape.

So what does this all mean exactly? Well when we ‘MAKE IT’, each of us will have an increase in activity that revolves around our purpose in life, best expression, distinctive traits, and recommended development, but not in our negative tendencies. This of course sounds like super news! Which of course it is, unless it isn’t and you ‘BREAK IT’ (see heading below).

In order for you to work out how your super hero cape works best then go back to the books and/or websites you used when you read about your ruling/life path number from part 1 of this blog. Re-read your ruling numbers purpose in life, best expression, distinctive traits, and recommended development, and these will be the areas where you will shine.

It’s like my ruling number 4 being magnetically attracted to my personal year number 4. Big successes will ensue when I MAKE IT.

A word of warning though! If you excessively push and strive and stretch and reach for success then that goes against the natural flow of things which have onsets and offsets (just like day and night). So if you don’t switch off daily and, instead, always push then you can move past the make-it part and roll into the break-it part (see further explanation below).

Break It

Every ruling number has a kryptonite and that can be the personal year number, and sometimes when they double-up they become ‘colliding numbers’ rather than ‘attracted numbers’. Interestingly, this can be because you moved past the make-it stage (as mentioned above) or because you activate your shadow side, which targets our ruling numbers negative tendencies. There are multiple reasons for why this can occur. Most are outside the scope of this blog post, but let’s just briefly mention a few:

  • Not in flow with Universal energy – for whatever reason you just aren’t in sync with what the Universe is providing you. For example, you are trying to maintain the flow you naturally felt in your personal years of 8, 9, and 1, and push for the same in the 2 year. This will run you into trouble. Why? Because that’s not the flow in a 2 year. And if you happen to have a ruling number 2 and are in the personal year 2 but are not operating on a 2 energetic, this creates a collision of numbers (break-it) rather than providing you with a super-hero cape (make-it) with a 2 on the back of it.
  • Overuse of your superhero cape – this has already been mentioned in the last paragraph of the ‘Make-It’ section. But what was not discussed was how you might overuse your super-hero cape. One of the ways is to use stimulants to maintain the rage, so that you don’t have down time.
  • You are 0, 27, 54, 81, or 108 years of age (27-year cycles) – this will be analysed a lot more when we discuss the ’27 Club’ in the 4th blog post. So briefly, there is a distinct and dramatic energy that resonates with us every 27 years of our life. If our ruling number and our personal year number are the same when we are 27 then we are going to have an extra rocky year. And, if you are like Kurt Cobain (part of the ’27 Club’), and you have your ruling number and personal year number the same (number 9), and you are 27 years of age, which adds up to a 9, then you are going to have a year like none you have ever conceived possible. This could be in the ‘make it’ side but if it happens to be on the break-it side of the equation then you are in trouble!!

How about we use an example of a famous person dying when they were 54. By the way 27 = 9; 54 = 9; 81 = 9. You get the picture?

Anyway Eliot Ness – you know? The police dude (The Untouchables) that got Al Capone! Anyway he died when he was 54 which equals 9. He was born on the 19th April 1903 which adds up to 27 which means his ruling/life path number was a 9. He died (16th May 1957) after his last birthday in 1957 (19.4.1957 = 36 = 9) which meant his personal year was also a 9. Similar to the Kurt Cobain example above, Eliot Ness was either going to make it or break it; no middle ground! No easy year regardless!

  • The Numerology Pyramids – outside the scope of this blog post.

So just to be clear, when you’re ruling number and personal year numbers collide it’s because you either accessed your shadow side (negative tendencies) or you didn’t rest/recharge and, therefore, overused your superhero cape.

So yes, this was a very big post, but that’s just me!!! I struggle to give you a little when I can give you a lot. I really hope you are enjoying your numerology journey to date. In good news there is more to follow. My next post (due in coming weeks) will be on the ‘Arrows of Pythagoras’ and then the ’27 Club’.

Love and light to you all

David Hartmann

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